Meet David and Teresa, organic landscaping entrepreneurs and advocates for more than twenty years. They believe that strong, healthy plants begin with a strong root system. Drawing on his extensive experience and education in horticulture, David developed a proprietary blend of friendly fungi to enhance the root systems of plants by greatly improving both water and nutrient absorption. Wildroot Organics offers an easy-to-use system of concentrate and fertilizer products that work on any kind of plant, flower, tree or crop. The result is stronger plants, more hearty blooms, greater crop yields and luscious lawns.

Wildroot Organic Fertilizer (40lb) - $29.95
Wildroot Organic Fertilizer (20lb) - $19.95
Wildroot Organic Concentrate (5oz) - $36.45
Wildroot Organic Concentrate (1oz) - $9.80

To order our Wildroot Organic fertilizer or our Wildroot Organic concentrate please call or email
David Steinbrunner at (830) 377-6406 or Teresa Steinbrunner at (830) 370-3574.


Not all fungus is bad. In fact, over 90% of all plants across the globe depend on a special type of fungi called mycorrhizal fungi to pull moisture and nutrients they need from soil. Mycorrhizal fungi facilitate the underground nutrition-gathering process that supports and replenishes the roots of plants to ensure the strongest and healthiest plants possible. The problem is that most soil doesn’t have enough of it. That’s where Wildroot Organic comes in. Wildroot is a proprietary blend of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria that help solve problem by boosting plant nutrient and water uptake with the added benefit of disease and insect control – organically.

Plants use the "Endo" fungi to enter the roots and the "Ecto" fungi that form a sheath around the roots. Our Endo/Ecto spores are useful in almost all plant-soil-climate situations.


Wildroot Organic counteracts common soil deficiencies and creates a soil environment that produces self-sufficient plants. It naturally increases the surface area of the root zone up to 1000 times which allows essential nutrients, air, and water into the root zone and binds together sandy soil. Fast acting artificial plant foods may work temporarily, but they alter the natural bacterial balance in the soil making plants dependent on these short-term treatments. The outcome is an expensive and time consuming cycle for the grower to manage and pay for.


Trees are one of our most precious natural resources. Keeping them strong and healthy is good for the environment and the wallet – trees are expensive to replace and remove. Wildroot Organic will help your trees reach their full potential by staving off disease, drought, insects and other destructive environmental conditions.

Diseased or Declining Tree Treatment: (treats a 6"-7" caliper tree.)

  • Carefully expose the root flare of the tree.
  • Apply wild root organic fertilizer to the drip line of the tree. Two lbs. per diameter of the tree.
  • Follow the drip line drilling holes 1"-3" in diameter, 6"-12" every 3'-5' around tree.
  • Mix 1/2 oz. of Wildroot concentrate in 4 gallons of water.
  • Fill holes mixture.
  • Fill holes with "Native Hardwood" mulch. Pack tightly.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 to complete process.
Within one growing season you should see a dramatic improvement. We also offer preventative tree treatment programs.

Using Wildroot Organic fertilizer will result in a healthier, greener, drought-tolerant lawn that is both disease and pest resistant. It promotes a stronger root system for less water usage – better for the environment and the wallet. Wildroot Organic fertilizer will not burn your lawn and is safe for children and pets to enjoy immediately after application.

Product needed
Wildroot Organic Fertilizer

When to Use
Early spring and late summer, as needed

Aerate your lawn if you have not done so within the last 2-3 years. Using a broadcast fertilizer spreader, generously apply Wildroot Organic fertilizer. Water the fertilizer into the lawn for best results.


Stronger, healthier plants require less maintenance and watering which saves you time and money. These easy applications of our Wildroot Organic concentrate and fertilizer will produce the healthiest, pest and disease resistant, drought-tolerant plants you could possibly grow.

Products needed
Wildroot Organic Concentrate, Wildroot Organic Fertilizer

When to Use
Use Wildroot Organic Concentrate to soak the roots when planting or potting new or transplanted plants, trees, vegetables, or flowers. Use Wildroot Organic fertilizer semi-annually in early spring and early fall. Repeat with both every growing season as needed.


Wildroot Organic Concentrate and Fertilizer helps to maximize crop, orchard and vineyard yields by establishing a healthy, organic soil environment. Establishing an annual Wildroot program will help to produce the most abundant, healthiest crops possible. While on a Wildroot program, steer clear of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides as they damage the beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. For distressed trees, plants and crops, increase number of applications.

Products needed
Wildroot Organic Concentrate, Wildroot Organic Fertilizer

When to use
Usually in spring and summer

Commercial Treatment

  • Using the packaging directions as a guide, simply mix Wildroot Organic Concentrate with water in a large watering tank.
  • Apply a generous amount of mixture to the entire floor of the farm, orchard or vineyard
  • Follow with a generous application of Wildroot Organic Fertilizer at a rate of 300-500 lbs. per acre.